About Inclusive Dance Company

Inclusive Dance Company is a dance company based in Trondheim, Norway. The company seeks to engage in the world through creating dance in dialogue with a contemporary time in constant movement and change.


The company works through curiosity, inquiry and improvisation towards dance material. Inclusive DC always works cross-disciplinary and in the meeting with different artists and people with different experience and knowledge.


The company values dialogue and co-creative processes in the process towards choreographic material and performances. The process is understood as an important dialogical learning opportunity about art, people and society.

In Inclusive Dance Company we seek to challenge ourselves and the different forms that dance can take, and we constantly seek to stay alive in the question of what dance can be.


Inclusive Dance Company was established in Trondheim, Norway in 2000, and has since then created a repertoire consisting of performances for children, young people and adults.


The company consists of the dance artists Tone Pernille Østern (choreographic leader, responsible producer), Arnhild Staal Pettersen (co-choreographer, dancer) and Luis Della Mea (composer, musician, co-choreographer, dancer).


The company for its productions engages other dance artists, artists in other art forms and professionals in different subjects. Everybody that is being involved in Inclusive Dance Company is invited into a collaborative and dialogical process, where they contribute in developing concept, themes, artistic process and product.

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