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Arnhild Staal Pettersen

I acknowledge my 20 years of experience from the dance community as artistic research and one big score of choreographic practice. My experience as creative and performing dance artist in choreographic processes, is my guidance and methods in leading, curating and facilitating in my daily work as Artistic and Managing Director of DansiT Choreographic Centre. For me, leading, facilitating and curating is a choreographic practice.

Choreographic practice is about presence, and making choices related to the body, space, timing, movement, energy and values. I listen, relate, communicate, search, explore, make structures and restrictions, asks questions again and again. I move under, over, in between, around, straight forward, in circles, back again, upside down. I am fast, I am faster, slow and the slowest, I am still. I am initiating and vigorous, sensitive and intuitive. I have plans and systems, I let go and improvise. Throughout my work, I have a will to challenge the prevailing view of who´s stories are told and what bodies are seen on stage. Important questions for me are; what is dance and performing art of today, what could it be and who is the audience.

I co-founded Inclusive Dance Company in 2000 with an ambition to move and be moved, search and re-search, and to invite different artists and people into an open space of choreographic processes. I studied at Danshögskolan (now DOCH) in Stockholm (1997-2000) and NTNU in Trondheim (2001-2003), and I have completed a yoga teacher training in India (2007) and a leadership training program Women of Art initiated by the Ministry of Culture in Norway (2012-2013). Beside my position at DansiT, I am the artistic leader of The Dance Theatre (choreographic and artistic research practice for elderly people) at the cultural unit in the municipality of Trondheim.

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