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SPACE ME as research project in 2011-14

As research project SPACE ME was carried out at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with Incusive Dance Company as artistic space for the research practice. As research project, SPACE ME explored the artistic and educational possibilities in the meeting between arts and science. The topic explored in both disciplinary fields was the universe. 


Visit the research site about SPACE ME at NTNU


The performance SPACE ME by Inclusive Dance Company was the artistic outcome of the project. 

The e-book Sanselig liten kunnskapsbok (A small aesthetic knowledge book) presented the research outcome for the teenagers that were research participants in the project.

The peer-reviewed edited book Sanselig didaktisk design - SPACE ME (Aesthetic educational design - SPACE ME) (Østern & Strømme, 2014) was the main academic outcome of the project.

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