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200 billion and 1 as research project 2016-19

As research project 200 billion and 1 was carried out at NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with Incusive Dance Company as artistic space for the research practice. As research project, 200 billion and 1 explored the artistic and educational possibilities in the meeting between arts, science and philosophy & religion. The topic explored within all these disciplinary fields was death, decay and new (biological) life.


Visit the research site about 200 billion and 1 at NTNU


The performance 200 billion and 1 by Inclusive Dance Company was the artistic outcome of the project. 

The e-book Jakten på dybdelæring - og evig liv (Looking for depth in learning - and eternal life) was created together with the teenagers, secondary school teachers, artists and teacher educators that were research participants in the project.

The peer-reviewed edited book Dybde//læring - en flerfaglig, relasjonell og skapende tilnærming (Depth in learning - a cross-curricular, relational and creative appraoch) (Østern, Dahl, Strømme, Aagaard Petersen, Østern & Selander, 2019) was the main academic outcome of the project.

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