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Insectography is an artistic research project commencing in 2021, connected to the research group Choreographic Folding.

Through a series of performative events the research explores two research questions:

  • How might insects choreograph us?

  • How might choreographic tasks make humans engage with insects?

The research group consists of Tone Pernille Østern, Rose Martin, Helena Bichao, Arnhild Staal Pettersen, and Arne Hauge.

Insectography starts from environmental worry that does not want to let go, curiosity of insect movements, as well as critical choreographic exploration.Insectography is an entanglement of “insects” and “choreography”. Through exchanging “choreo” – meaning dance – with “insecto”, we take part in the ongoing critique that the dancing human body is essential for the act of choreography. Instead, we allow insectographic processes to emerge through expanded choreography, biology, post human theories and performative inquiry. Together, we have backgrounds as choreographers, insect chemosensory biologists, photographers, researchers and educators, and in this research, we are also joined by bumblebees, beetles and other insects.

210813 Insectography pt2 _ Schivevollen_foto Arne Hauge_029 copy.jpg
210813 Insectography pt2 _ Schivevollen_foto Arne Hauge_026 copy.jpg
210813 Insectography pt2 _ Schivevollen_foto Arne Hauge_009 copy.jpg

Insectography unfolds as a series of performative events, including research workshops, presentations, and writings:

  • Performative research workshop 1 / January 14, 2021, Rosendal Teater, Trondheim, Norway

  • September 2021: Submission of the chapter "Insectography: A choreographic crafting of insects and us" to the Springer series Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education edited book Crafting-with the environment edited by Camilla Gorth and Biljana C. Fredriksen

  • Performative research workshop 2 / August 13, 2021, Schievevollen, Trondheim, Norway

  • Workshop presentation at the "Dance in school" seminar / October 12, 2021, in Piteå, Sweden

DansiT Choreographic Centre and Department for Teacher Education, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology are partners in Insectography.

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