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Luis Della Mea

In Inclusive Dance Company, I have been a dancer, but mainly a composer and musician. I joined the company in 2003, which had a profound impact on me and my inclusion in the Norwegian society, as I then moved to Trondheim from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Also, to join the company was crucial for my artistic development, and for understanding how to work as a team in the creation and montage of art works, both musically and choreographically.


Over the years, we have developed kind of a method in how to create art works, which brings me a lot of joy of being part of the creative process. We meet in the studio space, talk about the concept and the goal we want to achieve. I put together my set of instruments and then improvise with the participating dancers, actors and sometimes researchers. My compositions always start with this creative and inspiring play, and from there I work alone with the sound and more detailed production of the music.


My approach to making music can be very visual, very sensitive and from the inside outwards. To work with movement also influence the music making. A simple sound, a movement or an image can be the inspiration for a whole composition. I know that in every composition I make, without thinking about it, my 15 years in Norway as well as my Argentinian roots are there, in the music. The sometimes distant and icy sounds from my gitar, mixed with nostalgic and melancholic melodies, often surprise me. Through the music making, I discover my close connection to both places, each one with their culture, landscapes, climate and light.


In 2019, my first solo album Retornar al Mar was released. I am now working with music to my next album with my Norwegian band Ningun Extremo. I regularly make music to different dance projects and short movies.

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