The artistic aims of Inclusive Dance Company is to work experimentally and openly to create dance, to gain impulses from and at the same time comment a surrounding world which is constantly in movement. Improvisation is an important element in the company’s work, both as such and on the way towards choreographic material.

To investigate identity and the body’s different possibilities to create meaning is an important focus area. Contemporary dance can surprise, challenge stereotype images of different people and present new and more mobile perspectives on body and identity. Inclusive Dance Company is keen to challenge the image of the mainstream dancer and dance stage, and seeks to cooperate with different dancers and artists in various settings. The company makes an effort to bring dance in touch with new contexts, spaces and audiences, and it often works site-specifically.


Inclusive Dance Company aims at creating dance that is engaging, brave, accessible, empowering and of high communicative and artistic standard. Dance is recognized as a way of being in and knowing the world. In dance, human experience is being communicated in the body’s way. The company challenges itself to stay curious, always look for new possibilities and dear to enter unknown territory.


The company wishes to create dance that is respectful towards its dancers and audiences, but disrespectful towards prejudices about what dance is and about who counts in as a potential dancer. This includes a wish to support the dancers and artists being involved in Inclusive Dance Company to find and develop their full potential, and to listen to the ideas and experiences they bring with them into a production.

Inclusive Dance Company also aims at contributing to making dance more visible in society by taking it out into the community, to new and unconventional venues. The company wishes to inspire more people to take part in dance through teaching, discussing and writing about dance in different contexts.

Artistic goals

Photo: Daniel Almli (2016)

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