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Artistic ambitions and choreographic-processes-as-research

We understand choreographic processes as artistic exploration, generation and structuring of movement by human and non-human performers or audiences. Choreography is a way of creating, expressing, challenging and researching. In this we emphasize

Choreography as performative, ever-emerging and constituting realities in the actuality of performance

Collaborative working processes and participatory cross-disciplinary arts involvement

Brave and experimental choreographic explorations as artistic research


Presence in and engagement with the current world and urgent questions in society


Respect towards different dancers combined with disrespect towards normative stereotypes on the dance field


Diversity on and decolonialization of the arts field, and beyond

Inclusive Dance Company seeks to work experimentally and critically in choreographic processes, gaining impulses from and at the same time getting involved in the surrounding world which is constantly in movement.


Improvisation and experimentation across art forms is an important element in the company’s work.

Through choreographic processes the company seeks to challenge stereotype images

of different potential dancers and thus contribute to more  mobile understanding of bodies, dance and identities-in-constant-becoming. Inclusive Dance Company is keen to challenge normative, colonializing and exclusive views and working structures that keep different potential dancers and spaces out of the dance field. The company makes an effort to bring dance in touch with new contexts, spaces and audiences, and it often works site-specifically.


Inclusive Dance Company aims at creating dance that is engaging, brave, accessible, empowering and inclusive. Choreography is recognized as a way of relating, taking part in, knowing and

creating the world. The company challenges itself to stay curious and critical, always looking for new possibilities, being aware of and actively changing power structures, daring to enter unknown territory.


Inclusive Dance Company aims at contributing to making choreography relevant in broad fields in society by working and thinking choreographically in different communities, contexts, spaces and collaborations.

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